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Why You Should Book Your Next Photo Session in a Pumpkin Patch

Whether you're a photographer or someone looking to book a photo session with a photographer, you want to have the perfect location for your photos! If you're a lover of all things Autumn like me, and you want that to shine through your photos, a pumpkin patch/corn maze is the perfect spot for you! Here's three reasons why:

Holding hands in the corn field
Corn mazes make for beautiful couple images | © Janessa Rose Photography & Design

Corn Mazes!

Every time a client books a shoot with me at the local pumpkin patch and corn maze I get so excited, because every image turns out amazing before I even get to the editing! The corn mazes provide the perfect backdrop, and create a fun story to tell with the photos! As you're walking through the maze you get to share the childlike joy with either your clients or photographer, and this makes for easy candid shots.

A romantic walk through the corn maze
© Janessa Rose Photography & Design

While in here, try some fun poses that test your partner (or client's) strength!

Dipping for a kiss makes a romantic shot!
Dips make for very romantic shots and are so fun! | © Janessa Rose Photography and Design

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Corn mazes also create very high contrast photos with all the different lighting you'll get around every corner, and this creates dynamic, eye catching images. While the shadows that corn mazes can cast on your clients can be daunting as a photographer, if you get your shoot booked for the right time of the day (typically near sunset) you won't need to do too much editing in Lightroom or Photoshop. Sometimes this time frame doesn't work for your clients, and you have to make do with harsh midday lighting, but that just gives you a good reason to get shots from lower perspectives.

Avoiding harsh light with a romantic pose on the ground
Avoiding the harsh light by sitting on the ground | © Janessa Rose Photography & Design

While avoiding most of the direct sunlight and getting some romantic poses in at the same time, why not get in the corn stalks? Be careful and quick though, because most farms don't want you in the stalks for fear of them being harmed.

Not only does getting in the corn work great for romantic couples, but it also looks lovely for senior photos!


Who doesn't love a good pumpkin patch? Not only does one make for a good background, but you can also use the pumpkins as props!

Senior Rep lounging on a blanket around pumpkins
GPHS Senior Rep Allie Therson | © Janessa Rose Photography & Design

Get creative!

Harvest Festival Props

Some farms have a whole harvest festival going on during the month of October, and they can have awesome props like hay bales and misc. structures. This year didn't have many hay bales due to Covid-19 restricting so much, but Fort Vannoy Farms did set up a wooden "building" with a door as an entrance to their haunted corn maze. This made for a great photo location as well as the corn maze and pumpkins!

Using the wooden structure for some poses
Taking advantage of the wooden structure | © Janessa Rose Photography & Design

Keep your eyes open for anything that works as a background or prop in your photo session! Whether you're the client or the photographer, having a good eye for details like these will make for a fun photoshoot and great images!

"Leaning" against the wall makes for cute senior photos | © Janessa Rose Photography & Design

Now go out there and have some fun! Share your pumpkin patch photos with me by using the hashtag #JanRoseBlogTips and let me know if you have more ideas to add! If you're wanting your photos taken in a pumpkin patch next fall and you live in Oregon, don't hesitate to book a session with me!

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