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Wheeler Family Photos

Near the beginning of August I had the pleasure of taking some photos of this beautiful family:

Not only did they have coordinated outfits, but Jamie was prepared and brought a cute wooden baby rattle for me to hold to captivate their newest family member's attention. This made for such a smooth mini session even though she did not want to smile at the camera.

If you're planning on booking a family shoot with me and have a toddler or you want to build your stockpile of props as a photographer yourself I highly recommend these!

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I also made sure to have a higher shutter speed when capturing shots of the toddler just to make sure I caught every priceless expression she made! Because I was using my fixed wide angle lens I wasn't able to achieve this flawlessly so I had to touch up a couple of photos in Adobe Lightroom by sharpening and clarifying them a bit.

To capture the sunburst from the sun in the middle photo I lowered the aperture on my wide angle lens and reduced the overall exposure. Kristen Ryan Photography has a great tutorial for how to achieve this on their website!


When researching for this session ahead of time by browsing Pinterest I saw a pin that inspired me to take some folding chairs with me for the first few shots, and it worked perfectly! Lucky for me, my grandmother-in-law gifted us this folding table and chairs set a few years ago to improve our Thanksgiving dining situation!

Bringing chairs to a session is a great way to switch up the poses.

Usually Pinterest plays a huge role in the photo shoots I take because of the limitless pose ideas I can gain from it, but for this session most of the poses were unscripted! This was both because the family did such a great job of posing themselves, plus the location has so many props like the fence and the river!

For more family photos inspiration check out my portfolio or browse my Pinterest boards!

- Janessa

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