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June Elopement

When my best friend decided she was going to elope instead of have a wedding, I was not surprised in the least bit. She's never been one for huge crowds of people, but rather for intimate time spent with the people she loves; that's why eloping was such a perfect option for her and her fiance.

The location was perfect too: it was the spot they had their first kiss and where they later got engaged. Besides this, there was a small waterfall behind them, and the water cast reflections of the sunlight on to the foliage laden walls surrounding the area. There was a constant sound of water running while the groom's best friend officiated their nuptials, which made it hard to hear, but also made it so much more private. Besides, I didn't care as much about hearing them as I did about seeing the love for each other on their faces, and having the honor to capture it all.

After they became husband and wife, I shot a few more photos of them to capture their love for each other along with the beautiful nature surrounding them.


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