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Fall Decorations

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

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Welcome to my first annual blog post about fall decorations! I love fall; I look forward to it every year: pumpkin patches, the colors, football, and of course, decorations! That's why no matter how much my husband teases me about it, by the end of the day September 1st our house usually looks like an autumn explosion happened.

Fall Entertainment Center Decor
Fall Entertainment Center Decor

It's hard for me to decide which one of the decorations this year is my favorite, but this one is pretty high up on the list. My inspiration was from Magnolia Mercantile's pin on how she did her fireplace mantel, but since I don't have a mantel I just put it on my entertainment center.

Fall Decor
Fall Decor

All the leaves above and in any other parts of my house are from Dollar Tree along with the burlap pumpkins, leaf place mats, and the Family, Friends, Football wall hanging.

The monogram wreath is definitely one of my favorite decorations too, and it was one of the first additions to my fall collection. It required little effort on my part, as I just found the fall wreath in Walmart if I remember correctly, and then placed the painted, wooden M in the center with wire.

The wine cork pumpkin took a little more effort, but not too much: I found the tutorial on Pinterest a couple years ago by MyGourmet Connection. The clay leaf dish was made by Tay's Clays, and the candle is from Wood & Wool Co. (you'll spy her candles in a few areas of my house, because they smell sooo good!)

Last but not least, below is the decoration I keep up year round and I just remove the leaf and switch out the candy to match the season. Both the tray and the square cubes were of course from Dollar Tree.

I hope I was able to give you some inspiration for your own fall decor, thank you for reading, and Happy Fall Y'all! For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to fall decorations!

- Janessa

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