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Expecting Mummy

This photo session was so short but fun! Corey and Ashley did such a great job with their costumes, decorations, and accessories to announce their pregnancy! They're going to be such great parents, and I'm super excited for them in this new chapter of their life! Ashley is my hair dresser and was also a fellow class mate of mine in high school, so it's awesome to see her start a family.

Due to the Halloween vibes in this photo session, I had the perfect opportunity to use my Halloween Vibes Lightroom preset! You can use it too by downloading it for free below:

Download ZIP • 1KB

What this preset does is desaturates the colors from greens and blues, and then slightly amps up the oranges and reds. It also darkens the shadows some and clarifies the pictures amongst other things. Try it out for yourself and don't forget to tag me in your photos ( on insta or #janrosephotodesign on Pinterest) so I can see your works of art!

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