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DIY Wrapping Paper Gift Bow

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

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I know what you're thinking: why go through the effort of making a gift bow when you can buy them for cheap? The answer: when you use non-holiday wrapping paper for occasions like birthdays there isn't that many gift bows to choose from that match your pretty wrapping paper. It will make your gift that much more special when the recipient realizes that you put some effort into their present, plus it looks beautiful!

Here's how you can create your own gift bow in less than ten minutes!

Materials you'll need:

- Wrapping paper

- Scissors

- Cricut (you can also use scissors or a straight cutter, but the cricut gives you perfect cuts without the extra effort)

- Straight cutter (can also just use scissors)

- Tape

- Free .svg file below to cut the strips on your cricut

Download ZIP • 191KB

1. Cut your wrapping paper into a 12x12 square. I use my Firbon paper cutter, because it has an awesome extender to cut up to 13 inches and it keeps everything straight!

2. Use your cricut, paper cutter, or scissors to cut .75 inch strips of the wrapping paper.

3. Start with one piece, and fold it over like you're creating a cause ribbon, tape it together, and then do two more. It should create an almost triangle looking shape when the three folds are done. Tape it together to secure the pieces.

4. Tape on additional strips of the wrapping paper as you fold until you've achieved your desired outcome. Once finished, use tape in between the layers of the bow to secure it together even more. (double sided tape works best, but I just folded over regular, one-sided scotch tape) Now just attach it to your wrapped present, and you're done!

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