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Affordable Halloween Decor Ideas from Years Past

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Have you been looking forward to Halloween decorations as much as I have? If so, you'll enjoy this compilation of Halloween decorations from past years! What makes these decorations so awesome is that they're affordable, yet they don't scream "cheap". I buy most of my decorations from Dollar Tree and Walmart unless I find something majorly on sale somewhere else.

Take these creepy flowers for example: the faux flowers are from Dollar Tree, and then I used double sided scotch tape to adhere these plastic eye balls from Walmart! So easy, but it adds such a creepy vibe to wherever you decide to put them!

Below them is a closeup shot of one of my trusty rubber spiders in a mass of fake spiderwebs. Every year I tend to go a bit crazy on the spiderwebs (as you'll continue to see below) because they're so cheap no matter where you get them and they create such an effortless spooky look!

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For most years the fake spiderwebs end up taking over the front porch, and two years ago I found this awesome light up spiderweb and spider that completed the touch with the orange string of lights I already had! The same year I found the huge, furry spider that's near the top of the unstained pillar, and in the very right corner of the porch is an earie hanging ghoul from Dollar Tree. Lastly, I hung a black cloth in the entryway of the porch to make it look more ominous, and put construction paper bats across the door. You can find a tutorial for those here by Jamie Sanders!

Although the furry spider made a great touch to the porch two years ago, last year was definitely my favorite location for it:

I put orange, bulb string lights behind the spiderweb and spider, and then put these tiny spiders from Amazon (there's 100 black and 50 glow in the dark in the pack!) everywhere along with glitter spiders from Walmart.

These spiders and spiderwebs also work nicely on my chandelier above the kitchen table, and it makes it look even more earie when I switch out our regular LEDs with cheap black light bulbs.

On the outside webs I like to throw a couple small skulls in the webbing, and it makes for a super cool effect at dusk.

For the finishing touch on my affordable Halloween decorations I stick a few foam grave stones and skulls in the front yard, and wrap a string of orange lights around our oak tree.


I hope you were able to get some inspiration from my Halloween decorations from past years! If you want the photos of your decorations to have the same dark feel to them feel free to download my free preset below:

Halloween Vibes Lightroom Preset free download above
Click the link below to download the free Halloween Vibes Lightroom Preset
Download ZIP • 1KB

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