Janessa Martin


Behind a camera lens since 2002 , and behind a computer since 1996.


My first digital camera was given to me at the age of 7, so there are literally millions of photos on my hard drive that include anything from insects, animals, people, landscapes, and more! When I was 18 I started shooting portraits more often, and since then I have gained years of experience with my Canon DSLR, Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom. Of course there is always more to learn, and I'm constantly striving to perfect my skills.

Along with photography, I also enjoy editing photos; from touching up a portrait, to using Photoshop to morph photos together and create a surreal scene. Something I would love to do more of is editing product photos to be ready for magazines and websites!

Shoot me a message on my contact page, Facebook, or Instagram if you want to talk about photography, photo editing, or Jesus!

- Janessa     



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Southern Oregon Photographer in Grants Pass, Oregon

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